Tips for new dads

I am expecting a disorderly and an exhausting near-future by force of current circumstances until I adjust to my new status (I m a dad now)

Due to the fact that I am surrounded by new parents (my cousins-3 more newborns) who are excited as me and willing to guide me , this adjustment process is expected to last shorter, yet it gets overwhelming at times especially when l get a wide range of contradicting recommendations from those helpful people about my baby princess care.

And it can be challenging and confusing to make decisions about which of the given advice to comply with while having a lot of options all at once in regards to baby care.

Despite the fact that caring for a new child is onerous as it s my first time ,it is one of the most terrific and rewarding experiences of life as well ,

But I still have a few approaches of me to elaborate on which I believe will aid you in taking care of your precious one,

Believe it or not,my wife s feeding our baby while I m typing these lines..

Feeding the toddlers on time is of vital importance..

Since our baby had been constantly getting a good amount of nutritious supply in her womb ,her system calls for the same systematic intake which is to feed her at least every 3 hours with solely breast milk for the first 6 months of her life. This heavenly liquid contains fundamental nutrients and antibodies that are essential for her survival and growth

And breastfeeding should last for about at least 15 minutes but my princess’s having hard time building those muscles that are utilized in suckling motion results in prolonged feeding sessions ,but it s no joke, make sure your baby is receiving adequate amount of milk .

As long as the milk is on the stage ,

the burp is on the air :)

Once our baby is fed, she releases a cloud of stinky gas ☹ She burps ,while she s learning to suck in, she accidentally swallows more air than she needs milk, and consequently she expels this excess air after digestion

And the way I trigger this burdensome stomach air ejection is to place her up on my shoulder and hold her with my hand and pat gently on her back with my other ✋ until the room stinks :)

One thing to remind;

Make sure you always support her neck as babies don’t have strong , fully developed spine and muscles tissues around neck and body to support their bones and maintain their head up independently..

By the way When I move her around the house or in her tiny bed I take extra care of her umbilical cord which s still on her body, and because of the cord We weren’t supposed to give her a bath before 3 weeks but we couldn’t wait any more.. her grandma -on her own- gave my princess her first bath 3 days after her birth .

Bathing babies is a gentle task. We ensure that all the bathing and changing supplies such as soap,lotion ,cream,washcloth,soft towel,fresh diaper were all ready before the Bath which helped her sleep comfortably and beautifully

And hygiene is a top priority

I try to keep my hands disinfected while touching my baby as they are prone to infections and we prefer using a damp clean absorbent cloth to wipe her body parts.

Since she started getting enough breast milk Changing her diaper frequently has now been a part of our daily routine

Along with a changing sheet, gentle diaper wipes, diaper rash cream or baby powder which are all essentials as well

Massaging my baby rhythmically helps me build strong bond with her, It additionally helps in soothing the toddler to sleep and in improving blood circulation and digestion and even burping as mentioned before

Some more points to consider

We should not shake newborns as their inner organs are subtle and can easily be damaged and please forget about throwing them up in the air

Newborns necessitate sleep for about 16 hours a day in the first months. They usually take naps that are 2 to 4 hours long and wake up if they are hungry or wet.

As clearly understood;

This list is full of details and tedious to stick to
But I am proud of it and I ll do my best

Thanks for your time

Hope it s helpful